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Get ready to glow inside and out. At Hamptons Sound Healer we nurture your spirit and enhance your wellness. We offer small group crystal singing bowls healing sessions ( up to 5) as well as private sessions. Inquire for larger groups. Corporate  sessions are also available.


About Hamptons Sound Healer

Sound therapy or sound-based relaxation techniques are popular for helping people reduce stress, anxiety, and to fall asleep. Overtime, these therapies can also help you change your brain waves - the patterns of electrical activity This is why Sound Therapy has been used since ancient times to help people improve their mental health, overcoming insomnia and generally improve their quality of life.
When your body perceives  a particular type of sound, it will vibrate at the same frequency as the sound. Your bodies internal vibrations change in response to the frequencies that you hear from the outside world. That means the sound that you hear impacts what is happening inside your body.

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Meet Alessandra



My journey to healing started in the year 2000 when I was diagnosed with a chronic disease that lead me down a path of chronic pain and discomfort. For 3 weeks out of a month I would be in such level of pain that my doctors kept telling me I was destined to be on Percocet, Tylenol with Codeine and other pain medications for the rest of my life. After all, what I was experiencing was just “ part of being a woman”. That disease was endometriosis stage 4. There is no cure for Endo and the disease was reducing me to a woman in fetal position for basically most of my “ bad days” and carrying a hot pack on my belly with me everywhere I went, in order to experience some very temporary form of relief. I was riddled with anxiety and restlessness  and was always worried about what the day and the week ahead would bring in terms of pain level. I was stuck in a “fight or flight” mode. Would I be able to go to the beach later or hang out with my friends?Or would my pain reduce me to a hot pack on my belly and an entire afternoon of couch surfing?   I knew there must have been something out there that could improve my symptoms without pumping my  body day and night with dangerous “chemicals”. My journey lead me to discover the wonderful healing powers of yoga and mindfulness, coupled with meditation and learning breathing techniques. I was feeling much more “aware” of my body and finally relaxing and understanding the power of positive thinking. Meeting my very progressive and holistic oriented doctor changed my life. Three surgeries later and continuing on my self -care path, lead me to further discover TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine), acupressure, acupuncture, tinctures and herbs as well as the power of Sound Healing, thru both Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls. I owe my life to these discoveries and I thank the Universe every day for placing the right people in my path of healing.  Sound healing has played a big part in my daily routine. I now start my mornings with a yoga session followed by a soothing and relaxing 10 minute crystal bowl sound bath ( no it’s not really a bath per se… that’s just how us sound healers refer to a session). I am committed to helping others uncover and unlock the power within themselves to actually heal. The journey is constantly and consistently a discovery of the different modalities that will help you heal your mind body and spirit, and bring back the balance that I know you deserve in your life.

With love and gratitude


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